McNair Scholars Prepare for Summer Research

NMU McNair Scholars are preparing for exciting summer learning opportunities.

Jarryd Horn, Meg Palacio and Ryan Zawodny will be participating in summer research programs off campus.  Jarryd will be working with Physics Department faculty at Ohio State University through the National Science Foundation (NSF) – Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Meg was offered an eight week research internship at Northwestern University in Biochemistry.  Ryan will also be participating in a NSF – REU at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Michelle Kaiser has been accepted to the Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy being held June 10 – 29 at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  This year’s theme is “Paradoxes and Puzzles”.

Two students will be participating in internships:  Kaitlynn Cesarek will be with Global Ties Initiative – Detroit, and Isabelle Tavares will be at the Mining Journal in Marquette.  Isabelle will be working on a project called “Investigative Journalism on Environmental Issues in the Upper Peninsula”.

These students will be working with mentors at NMU this summer:

Student                                                      Mentor

Danielle Ashley                                     Dr. Jill Leonard, Biology

Effects of High- and Low-flow Rearing Environments on Guppy (Poecillia reticulata) Morphology and Predation Responses.

Jackie Bristol                                         Dr. Yan Ciupak, Sociology

Perceived Social Support for Minority Students on Predominantly White Campuses.

Breanna Demaline                              Dr. Susan Kapla, Psychology

Fear in the Veterinary Clinic: History and Development of the Fear-Free Initiative.

Alexa Hansen                                        Dr. Alan McEvoy, Sociology

Students who Bully Teachers: Profiles and Patterns of Mistreatment.

Shayla Manitowabi-Huebner            Dr. Randy Jensen, Health and Human Performance

Effects of Show Type on Muscle Activity During Step Up and Step Down Motions

Brittney Moore                                      Dr. Robert Belton, Biology

Immunohistochemistry assay of Basigin and Axl expression in glioblastoma

Jennie Parker                                         Dr. Jacob Daar, Psychology

Cecilia Ruiz 
                                           Dr. Adam Prus, Psychology

Kim Santiago                                          Dr. Erich Ottem, Biology

Ted Roper                                                Dr. Alan Rebertus, Biology

The Pollination Ecology of the Tuberous Grass-pink Orchid (Calopogon tuberosus)

Anna Wacker                                          Dr. Josh Sharp, Biology

Rapid Identification of Legionella Species in Water Samples via Loop-meediated Isothermal Amplification.

Jordan Wallace                                       Dr. Paul Mann, Clinical Lab Sciences

Can the IDH Gene be Detected by LAMP using FFPA Tissue? 

Bailey West                                              Dr. Jeanne Lorentzen, Sociology

The Significance of Nursing in Rural Communities and Patient Outcomes. 

Best wishes to these students as they prepare for graduate studies through research and other scholarly activities! Stay tuned to our blog over the summer for the latest on the progress of these research projects.