McNair Summer Research 2017 – Brittney Moore

On September 1, 2017, twelve McNair Scholars presented the findings of their summer McNair-funded research projects. Each student had 15 minutes to give a power point presentation and to take questions from the audience.

This blog post features Brittney Moore, a junior Biology/Physiology pre-Veterinary Medicine major.  It is the fourth in a series about our summer researchers.

Project Title:  Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome

Research Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Jezylo,  Assistant Professor of Biology

LOL My Thesis Title:  Pigs shouldn’t have sex. They will get pregnant and die.

What is one thing  that you learned from this research experience?

I learned that you never can truly learn everything about a project or subject. You are continuously learning what you do not know. I spent the entire project outlining everything I needed to learn about the disease, and the list simply continued to grow. It keeps growing.

Tell us something about your research mentor.

Dr. Jezylo is my research mentor on the project. She has encouraged me and challenged me to learn more about the disease, and has helped me design a research plan that we will complete next summer. She dedicated herself to helping me and spent so much time working with me this summer. I am lucky to have her assistance with the project.

If you had the project to do over, what would you do differently?

I wish Northern had access to hogs and was more focused in clinical large animal medicine. It would be much easier to build a research project if I had access to more resources and faculty were interested in the same subject.

Any advice for your fellow McNair Scholars who will do research next summer?

Do not be scared to ask questions and to go different directions with your research project and plans for future projects.  The most important thing is to realize what you do not know, then you can discover what you want to know.

Is there anyone that you would like to publicly recognize/thank who helped you with your project?

Thank you Dr. Jennifer Jezylo and Dr. Madonna Benjamin for your time and insight.