Welcome New McNair Scholars!

We are pleased to welcome our new recruits into the McNair Scholars Program.  A record 38 completed applications to the program were received by the October 31, 2016 deadline, and these twelve students were chosen by the selection committee to form our new cohort:

Jarryd Horn

“I am a physics major, I am interested in condensed matter and nuclear physics, or really any kind of physics that I find to be interesting (it’s a broad field of study). I am from New York and in my time off I enjoy woodworking and playing guitar. My goals for the field is to get my PhD and do research full time afterwards rather than becoming a professor right out of graduate school.

“The picture I added is of me and my mother at my high school graduation in Corning, NY (not very recent, but I haven’t changed much).”



Shayla Manitowabi-Hubner

“My name is Shayla Manitowabi-Huebner. I’m a sophomore and I am not 100% what I want to study. I’ve thought about something like Exercise Science. I also am working towards an associates in biology and a minor in Native American Studies. I like learning about science/health based things but I am open-minded and curious about a lot of things. I’ve thought about minoring in some sort of business/marketing background. I joined McNair in hopes that it will help guide me in some direction and expose me to new experiences. I run track at NMU and enjoy being active.

“I am also a member of SuperiorEdge and the SLFP. In the future I’d like to help others and make a difference in their lives. I’d also like to be able to travel places. I never want to stop learning and growing so I hope whatever I end up doing can make that happen.”



Brittney Moore

“I am a Biology Major emphasizing in Physiology. I grew up on a cattle and hog farm in Chatham, Michigan. I love Veterinary Medicine and plan to attend Michigan State University for vet school. When I return from school I want to open a mixed practice (both Large and Small Animal medicine) in Chatham. I currently work at the Animal Medical Center on Wright street as a veterinary assistant. On campus I am in the Honors Program and Superior Edge. I also enjoy traveling, and this past May I had the opportunity to travel to Belize for a course in Large Animal Medicine. Beyond school and work, I enjoy being outside riding four wheelers, snowmobiles, going ice fishing, or camping.”



Kaitlynn Cesarek

Kaitlynn is a sophomore double major in International Studies and Anthropology.

“I have an immense passion for the rich culture and ideologies of ancient Egypt, and enjoy reading books and news articles about the ongoing discoveries that continue to pour out of the country. The cultures and traditions of the Egyptian people are what initially drew me to the international sphere, gauging my interest in similar aspects of other cultures throughout the world.

“I intend to join the Peace Corps following my graduation from NMU, allowing me the opportunity to immerse myself in a community with vast differences from my own. This opportunity would grant me the life-long held desire to put others’ needs before my own, standing side by side with like-minded individuals concerned with tackling some of the world’s most demanding issues.

“Upon returning to the United States, I plan to enter into the graduate portion of my education, where I wish to pursue a degree in International Affairs/Foreign Policy.

“One day I aspire to work for the U.S. State Department. There, I would have the potential to land a career that would allow me to travel around the world and promote the interests of the United States. This career would allow me to build bridges with and gain an understanding of the many culturally diverse individuals I would be working with.

“I am a die-hard Red Wings fan, and enjoy watching the puck drop with my cats, Lord Farquad and Katniss, each by my side! My family means more to me than the world, and I cannot thank them enough for their continual love and support in my academic endeavors and worldly adventures!”



Ted Roper

“My name is Ted Roper, I am from Grand Rapids, MI. I am a sophomore at Northern Michigan University in the Fisheries and Wildlife Management program, with a focus on Wildlife. I am returning to school, at age 35, to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a biologist/ ecologist. My ultimate goal is to attain a PhD in ecology and work as a research ecologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or the National Park Service. I have always had a fascination with the natural world, including but not limited to, animals, plants, weather, and geography. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, reading, and playing banjo and guitar.”



Biidaaban Reinhardt

Biidaaban (Daabii) Reinhardt is a senior Physics and Native American Studies major with a Mathematics minor. She plans to pursue her Ph.D. in material science with an emphasis in renewable energy.

“As an Anishinaabe woman, I grew up with the idea that what we do now will impact the next seven generations. This is what first got me interested in renewable energy, specifically solar energy and how it will impact Indigenous communities. The project I hope to work on with McNair will situate the need for sustainable energy in tribal communities with the real dangers of climate change and the potential for ecological and economic collapse.

“My eventual plan is to work with American Indian youth in my community as a tutor or teacher, teaching them traditional ecological knowledge and how to apply it to renewable energy resources and other similar STEM fields. I want to share my excitement for learning with others, and want students to be confident, energized, and passionate about science.”



Jackie Bristol

“I am a Junior at NMU from Traverse City Michigan. I am currently majoring in Behavior Analysis. I have a deep interest in the psychology field but recently discovered a greater passion for the realm of education. My dream job would involve both psychology and education. I envision it as me working in an underprivileged, low-income, minority school district where I would be encouraging youth to peruse degrees in higher education. I think research on psychology within the classroom is incredibly fascinating and my hope is that my McNair research will reflect those interests. I aspire to be a secondary education teacher and to one day obtain an EdD. I truly believe that the answer to all of life’s questions is education. Although switching majors as a junior is not the most ideal choice, I feel as though my psychology background will follow as a start to my new path. At NMU I am a proud member of SLFP, I am currently working on creating a 100-hour community service internship which would involve working with youth or the elderly within the area. During my free time, I love to hike, play Frisbee, and read.

One of my favorite life quotes is; ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.'”

-E.M. Forster



Kimberly Snell

“I am a non-traditional student majoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. I grew up locally, but being intrinsically restless, I have traveled throughout the country over the past decade, including doing an enlistment in the USAF. I am a mother, a bibliophile, a creative writer, an artist and a humanist.

“Academically, I am interested in neuroaesthetics, synesthesia, artificial intelligence, multimodal integration, epigenetics, and the neural basis of creativity.  I decided to major in Neuroscience because it is an interdisciplinary field involving not just biology, chemistry and psychology, but one that is approachable from a philosophical standpoint as well. We do not ever perceive the world directly; we only experience our own nervous systems, and yet we know very little about ourselves. I am incredibly excited to be a part of the next generation of scientists who will peer into the whorls of the brain and tease meaning from matter.”



Chatrine-Irin (Cat) Johannessen

“I am originally from Bergen, Norway and moved to the United States 4 years ago with my husband to get a higher education with a dash of culture shock.

“I am Majoring in Psychology and have a minor in English. What I am hoping to earn is a Ph.D. or a PsyD in clinical psychology.  However, Neuropsychology is something that I find very interesting as well and I am hoping to do some research in the Neuropsychology field to get some experience, so who knows, it might change. I have a never-ending urge to learn about humans and how the emotions, behavior and brain functions are connected. Some of my interests are traveling the world where I can meet new people and experience new cultures, play music, art, photography, twin-tip skiing, going to concerts/festivals as well as hiking with my dog, Tinka.”



Trevor Rupiper

Hello, I’m Trevor Rupiper, and I’m 24 years old.  I’m a General Biology major, with hopes of pursuing medicine.  I’m currently a Junior, and I was originally from Wisconsin.  I received an Associates Degree in Diesel Technology, from Fox Valley Technical College.  I was a 6 semester Deans List student, with a 3.8-4.0 GPA!  I worked as an ASE certified Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technician for 4 years.  I got bored of the same routine day in, and day out.  So, I decided to move to Michigan, and attend NMU.  Now, I’m a proud Yooper, residing in Marquette.  Since my childhood to present, I have been fascinated with life, and the creations of this world.  That is the oracle to why I pursued Biology, however as I aged, I became intrigued by humans.  I desire helping people, and connecting with them.  With that, medicine has become an interest to me.”



Best wishes to this new group of McNair Scholars!