McNair Summer Research 2016

Thirteen McNair Scholars will be participating in research this summer under the guidance of faculty mentors.  They are as follows:

Ashley Adzima
Faculty Mentor: William Tireman – Physics
Project Title: The Neutron Electric Form Factor at Q2 up to 7 (GeV/c)From the Reaction 2H (e, e’n) 1H via Recoil Polarimetry

Ryan Borges
Faculty Mentor: Judy Puncochar – Educational Leadership
Project Title: Preparing Teacher Candidates for Diverse Classroom Settings

Kaitlynn Bortz
Faculty Mentor: Jill Leonard – Biology
Project Title: The Importance of Landmark Selection and Photographic Aspect in Geometric Morphometrics

Margaret Hartman
Project Mentor: Mario S. Pinilla-Gallego (Michigan State University)
Project Title: Soil and Nesting preference by O. lignaria Say and O. cornifrons (Radoszkowski) (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Cheyenne Kaufman
Faculty Mentor: Erin Colwitz – Music

Josh Nickels
Faculty Mentor: Mounia Ziat – Psychology
Project Title: Virtual Mirror Therapy for Lower Limb Pain

Ryan Peterson
Faculty Mentor: Scott Demel – Sociology/Anthropology
Project Title: Archaeological Excavation of Beaver Island

Brent Pettigrew
Faculty Mentor: Brian Myers – Health/Human Performance
Project Title: Relationship Between High School Physical Education and Physical Activity Levels as College Freshman

Kathleen Reinhardt
Faculty Mentor: Melissa Romero – Nursing
Project Title: Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP) – The follow up study

Andre Stringer
Faculty Mentor: Jon Barch – Center for Student Enrichment
Project Title: Discriminatory Attitudes using the Lost Letter Technique

Allyssa Van Horn
Faculty Mentor: Scott Drum – Health/Human Performance
Project Title: Using Intermittent Normobaric Hypoxia to Enhance Sea Level Running Performance

Stephen Wardell
Faculty Mentor: Gabrielle McNally – Art and Design
Project Title: Conventions of Seeing

Anthony Webb
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Rowe – Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Title: Kissing the Platonic

Many thanks to these members of the NMU faculty for lending their support, guidance and expertise to our scholars throughout their summer research experience.