McNair Workshops

This morning, eleven McNair Scholars arrived promptly at 7 a.m. to hear Erica Franich, NMU Director of Grants and Contracts from the office of Graduate Education and Research, deliver a presentation on research ethics.  Students were introduced to concepts like intellectual property, responsible use of data, and ethical treatment of research subjects while enjoying banana bread, coffee and fruit to help make up for the early hour.

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Other McNair workshops this semester have included one preparing students for summer research as well as an introduction to Zotero by Bruce Sarjeant from the NMU library.  An all day workshop was held for new McNair recruits on Saturday, January 24th.  Initial assessments were administered and students were given an overview of the program, the Student Handbook was reviewed, and a timeline for research was discussed.  After lunch from the Border Grill, Dr. Andy Poe from the NMU Math Department administered the GRE to the students so that they could get a baseline score.  Dr. Poe described the GRE prep class that he offers to all McNair Scholars.

Later this semester McNair Scholars will be taking part in the NMU Annual Celebration of Student Research, Creative Works, and Academic Service Learning.  In addition to sharing the results of their research through oral and poster presentations, several scholars will be serving as moderators for research panels and trying not to overindulge in the donuts and coffee that are provided.  On April 15th, a reception honoring McNair Scholars and their mentors will be hosted by the office of NMU President Fritz Erickson at the University Center.  Menu TBD.

More workshops will be provided this coming summer to the ten scholars who will be conducting research under the guidance of NMU faculty members. These will cover such topics as research paper writing, poster construction, selecting graduate school programs and contacting faculty at those schools, creating a CV, and Writing Personal Statements.  Some kind of refreshing summer snack will surely be served.

Because if there’s one thing we at the McNair Scholars Program value as much as research and graduate school admission, it’s food.