Meet our New McNair Scholars!

Eight students have been selected from an impressive group of applicants to join the McNair Scholars Program at NMU.

Jose Aburto – Jose is a sophomore studying Public Relations and Environmental Science.  Hailing from Cicero, Illinois, Jose would like to live in Portland, Oregon and work in public relations for that environmentally friendly city.  Jose is interested in doing research on attitudes about global warming.  After getting his Ph.D., Jose hopes to use his expertise in public relations to encourage other American cities to become more environmentally friendly.

Jose Aburto photo

Katherine Biang – Katie Biang is majoring in Behavioral Analysis and Human Services.  She writes that she “would like to be a Behavior Analyst that works with children in a school setting who are living in an at-risk population, and/or children who have autism and other special needs.”  Katie’s goal would be to help more minority students to attend college.  She is interested in research exploring how poverty affects the intellectual development of children.

Katelin Bingner –  Katelin is a Biology major.  She is interested in doing lab work in genetics.  Described as having “a real penchant for quantitative analysis”, Katelin and her mentor may work on research in bioinformatics (computational biology).  As Katelin writes, “It is difficult to be a biological researcher without a higher degree, and nearly impossible to run a lab of one’s own without a Ph.D.”

Nathan Crane – Nathan is a Fisheries and Wildlife Management major who hails from Negaunee, MI.  Nathan wants to earn a Ph.D. in Biology or Fisheries Science and work for either a fish hatchery or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  He writes, “I see myself working to both restore wild populations of commercially valuable fish, as well as helping to create sustainable fisheries that can be continuously utilized without draining fish populations.”  Nathan wants to pursue research that studies the effects of large artificial holding tanks on hatchery raised fish.  “Hatchery fish need to be suitable for living in the wild once they are released, and that may not be the case if hatchery conditions select against fish that are most likely to survive in the wild.”

Nathan Crane Photo

Amanda Fliflet – Amanda is a junior in Music Education.  She plans to get a Ph.D. in music and teach at the college level.  “I would love to have a percussion studio with a handful of students, allowing myself to work one-on-one with individual students in private lessons.  I would like to assist the marching band as well as teach music theory and/or music appreciation at the collegiate level.  I see myself writing articles and essays for different journals and music newsletters, and performing with the local symphony orchestra or city band.”  Amanda would like to do research on mallet percussionists and on practice techniques for perfecting percussion rudiments.

Amanda Fliflet - Photo

Keara Kangas – Keara is a junior Psychology major.  She is in the Army National Guard and is interested in research into post-traumatic stress disorder.  Keara wants to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  As a licensed Psychologist, she would like to work in a VA Hospital helping to treat veterans with PTSD.  She writes, “Being a veteran myself, I believe soldiers can get better treatment from someone who has undergone some of the same experiences as them.”

Keara Kangas Photo

Jordan Marquez – Jordan, who studies Psychology and Sociology, hails from San Jose, California.  He has been active with the NMU Marching Band, Mu Beta Psi and Friends of Jazz.  He would like to conduct research in the area of perception, attitudes and memory.   Jordan has been a part of the mental rotation/attitudes lab through the psychology department.  In ten years he hopes to have his Ph.D. and teach and conduct research at a university.

Jordan Marquez Photo

Nicole Shoup – Nicole is a sophomore Biology major who is interested in a career in public health.  After earning her Ph.D. in Epidemiology or Public Health, she would like to work in a laboratory setting, studying diseases and educating the public about their potential impact. “Virology is my main interest but exploring the fields of immunology, parasitology, or community/global health would also be great assets to my goals and aspirations”, she writes.

Nicole Shoup - Photo

Welcome to these eight new McNair Scholars!