Giving Thanks

thanksgiving   In this season of giving thanks, we at the McNair Scholars Program think with gratitude of the NMU faculty members who serve as mentors to our students.  These wonderful people serve as teachers, coaches and counselors, sharing advice and guidance with their McNair mentees.  Where would our students be without their encouragement and direction?  How can we thank them for the time they spend helping McNair students plan and carry out research, for sharing their academic and professional expertise?

Becca Allers writes, “Dr. Hilton is the world’s greatest mentor. I never could have done this research without his guidance and input, or the months he spent driving me all over the UP since I didn’t have a car. Thanks Dr. Hilton, you’re the best!”

Stephanie Beeman says, “I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with my research mentor, Dr. Mounia Ziat. I started working in Mounia’s lab at the beginning of my Junior year at NMU, and consider myself fortunate to have gained the experience I have under her leadership. Mounia is a great role model to interact with, she is passionate about her research projects and is very involved in her field; I sincerely hope to gain as much from her expertise as possible during my time at NMU!”

Last summer, the following mentors helped McNair Scholars conduct research:

Timothy Hilton

Mounia Ziat

Robert Belton

Hugo Eyzaguirre

Jill Leonard

Scott Drum

Amy Hamilton

Harry Whitaker

Erich Ottem

Patricia Hogan

John Rebers

Jes Thompson

Deanna Trella

Alan Rebertus

Emily Sprengelmeyer

Kate Teeter

Maggy Moore

Happy Thanksgiving to all our McNair Faculty Mentors.  We are thankful for you!



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